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Covid areas- too broad brush?

2nd December 2020 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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We published an article yesterday on Covid rates in our area and posed the question whether being treated as part of CWaC resulted in unreasonable restrictions on areas with low Covid rates.
A similar point was made during the debate in parliament today on the Tier Levels due to come into force from Wednesday- to no avail as the Government got its way.

There are good points to be made on either side of the debate as the following from a Tarvin resident sent to us today highlights.

"Re your Covid 19 news item today -- stating some people are complaining about restrictions are unfair in rural areas & referring to the latest Kelsall/Tarvin figures. This all needs to be put into context -- there are 46 council wards in Cheshire West with wide variations across the council area. It is totally impractical to apply & police different rules to each ward area . There is also the inevitable movement of people between different areas. Not only within the Council boundaries but from neighbouring areas. So that strongly suggests it can only be done on a Council / Regional basis."

Thanks for that
Ed: almost a thousand reads on yesterday's article so it's clearly a topic we all think about as to the best approach through these difficult times.

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