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Everyday we see a large amount of data on Covid-19, mainly at National level. More recently we have been told that our area as part of Cheshire West and Chester is in Tier 2 from Dec 2nd.
There has also been a lot of complaints about rural areas being grouped together with larger towns/cities and perhaps unfairly as usually the Covid rate is much lower in these areas.

So what are the figures for us?

The latest data I can find when I put in my post code into the UK Government website is for November 24th. Not sure how often this is updated at such a low level.
However I find that in the 7 days up to November 24th we had:
4 positive Covid tests giving us a rate of 58.4/100k. This compares well on a regional and national basis.

Other data are at a larger geographical level.

This compares with 353 positives for CWaC on 29/11/20 which was in itself a drop of 43% compared with the previous 7 day period.

1350 people were admitted into hospital over the last 7 days in the Northwest Health Care region- a drop of 22%

And finally unfortunately 27 people died — a reduction of 15% over the previous weeks.

Overall all the trends are in the right direction and decreasing and long may it remain so.

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