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Dangerous and Daft

23rd November 2017 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Community Centre
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The Community Centre is alarmed to report that there have been two recent occasions when young people have got onto the Centre Roof in the evening. Though there is no report of any damage their presence there has given rise to much concern and consternation.

Alan Wilkinson, Chair of the Committee said "Such behaviour is totally unacceptable and potentially very dangerous. We would be appalled if someone got badly hurt from a stunt that went wrong. We also want those who use the Centre to feel that they can enjoy their evening activities in safety and in peace. I appeal to parents to advise their children accordingly"

The Committee are aware that doing foolhardy things is a part of growing up and is by no means a new phenomenon. They themselves can readily admit to a number of foolish activities when young and appreciate that most people grow out of this type of behaviour. What has changed however is that adults today are warier of tackling this sort of incident themselves, nor can they be as sure of being backed up by parents if a culprit is identified.

The Committee had advised anyone using the Centre who suspects that there are people on the roof to dial 101 and report "suspected intruders". The local police and the PCSO will also be informed. The automatic door can be locked – without hindering ease of exit – and curtains should be closed.

Alan said "This is still a very isolated incident and is a nuisance rather than a problem. However, we do not want to end up ringing 999 when "a bit of a laugh" turns into "a bit of a disaster". Should the behaviour persist we may have to look to other ways of deterring and identifying culprits"

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