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"Why are some car drivers so inconsiderate and lazy when parking their cars?

I took the accompanying photographs this afternoon, Saturday 11th July, when walking down our residential road with my daughter. She was pushing her son in a pushchair. There was very little room for a pedestrian to pass the white vehicle on the pavement and certainly no way could you get a pushchair past. She had to walk out into the road which was near a blind bend — dangerous!

If we had been walking down the road on the opposite side, we would have had the same problem, 2 cars parked completely on the pavement! What is the mind-set of these people? Being a residential area, children walk/run down the road on the pavement too, often in small groups. The consequences of a small child suddenly running out into the road to get past the cars too doesn't bare thinking about.

I know the houses were built in a time when less people owned cars, the roads narrower, and people are entitled to have children's parties, but please, for the sake of parking a little further away on a much safer part of the road, no parent or grandparent pushing pram/pushchair would have been forced out into the road. It really is narrow-minded and selfish.

Oh, and by the way, all the cars had child seats in so should have been only too aware of prams and pushchairs! I could have really named and shamed the people concerned by including full number plates, but I didn't. Yes, I could have knocked on the door and asked them to move their cars but I was not in the right frame of mind for any confrontation and it shouldn't be necessary. Please, pedestrians have priority right of way on pavements — think when you park your car.

I could have really named and shamed the people concerned by including full number plates, but I didn't."

Editor:" This is a regular occurrence throughout Tarvin it is about time tickets are handed out, see our previous article here"

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