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Date of 2023 Tarvin Apple Pressing Day

8th September 2023 @ 6:06am – by Charles Bradley
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One of the most wonderful things about nature is the way that the seasons keep coming around, year in and year out. Some of us have seasons that are real favourites, while others have seasons that we actively dislike. Each arrives and then passes, allowing us always to look forward to the joys that the next season will bring. Autumn is not my favourite season – shortening days and the imminence of winter see to that! However, the season of "mellow mists and fruitfulness" does have some really good parts. I really like harvest and harvest festivals – and I love the excitement of Tarvin Apple Pressing Day!

Apple Pressing Day came about because the woodland Trustees wanted to organise an event which brought people into the woodland – a way of advertising its presence at a time when it was much less-used than it is today. The success of the day (and its continuing success) took us somewhat by surprise and I think it lies in the ability of such a day to introduce children to another (rather magical?) way of looking at the familiar apple – the expressions on the youngsters' faces when their own apple pulp is squeezed and drinkable apple juice then emerges are phenomena to be seen!

The original brief for the day hasn't changed – it is to run an enjoyable family day out within the village at zero (or very low) cost. This year's Apple Pressing will be held in the woodland orchard, behind Crossfields on Saturday 7th October between 11am and 3pm. There is never any charge for the apple pressing or for the apple juice that results. We offer hot food and various drinks, but the charges for these are deliberately set at very reasonable prices – the day is not about making a profit, just covering any costs we incur. Similarly, there will be children's craft activities on offer, for which the materials will have been purchased and so those purchase costs must be recovered, without a profit being made.

Over the years, the woodland has obtained all of the necessary equipment – the crushers, the pulper and several presses. All that participants need to do is to arrive with apples by the bag, by the bucket-load or by the wheelbarrow-full. Windfall apples work well and neighbours may be persuaded to let you collect their windfalls (and thereby save themselves the work!) The day will run whatever the weather and the opportunity to walk to an event within the village and meet with your friends while the children are fully occupied is one not to be missed.

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