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We received this from a resident today:


"I had a strange experience when going into the Tarvin Co-op this morning. I was just putting my mask on before entering when a woman, probably 40ish came out of the doors not wearing a mask and told me to take my mask off as I didn't need to wear it in the shop.
For a moment I was taken aback. Had the Co-op been declared a risk free zone? I replied that I did have to wear a mask to which the woman replied that I didn't and was being plagued by the Government.
Then the penny dropped! I kept my mask on and went inside where all other customers were wearing masks. My point is that I knew it was law to wear a face covering in shops but I could have been someone who had been convinced by this that the law had changed.
Someone very elderly or a young teenager might have been intimidated by this person. My advice to this woman is that you are perfectly entitled to your own opinion but please do not spread untruthful information to encourage people to break the law and risk their and other people's lives. It is also quite unfair to the shop staff who are doing their best in the most difficult of times."
Ed: I m sure we have all seen similar examples

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