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Upcoming events

Tarvin Bowling Club 2020 AGM
18th February 2020 7:30pm
Tarvin Methodist Church
Tarvin Civic Trust
18th February 2020 8:00pm
Edna Rose Room, Tarvin Comunity Centre
'Messy Friendship'
19th February 2020 10:30am
Tarvin Methodist Church
Tarvin Parish Council Meeting
24th February 2020 7:15pm
Edna Rose Room of Tarvin Community Centre

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How are we doing since we started on June 25th?

The website keeps a record of how many visits we get each day and how many different pages of the website are looked at. Obviously all the data is anonymous.
At present we are getting on average just over 90 visits per day and almost 4 pages are looked at on each visit.

New articles every day

A key target for the webteam from the start was to have at least 1 or 2 new articles on each day whether as a news item or as a feature.
Articles are developed in essentially one of 2 ways-

1. Written by a member of the public and used with only minor editorial tidying / addition of a photo. You will have seen the name of many different authors already.

2. Written by a member of the webteam using material supplied by others; extracted from external publications or developed by the webteam from their own resources.

The editorial team then decide how and when the article should be presented on the website. This can be in 1 of 2 ways:-

1. As a news item on the home page

2. As a feature article on the homepage

So what's the difference?

A news item

A news item is an article which has a significant "timeliness factor ". Thus it can either describe something that has recently happened or is happening in the near future.
Only 3 news items appear on the home page at any one time and are arranged automatically in publication date/time order. As soon as another news item is published the oldest news item automatically moves onto the newsroom page.
However all is not lost if you have missed a couple of days. Just go onto the newsroom page and you will find all previous news items archived in date order to scan though whenever you want . Since our launch there are almost 72 articles stored already!.
Some news items are considered by the webteam as warranting longer visibility and so are assigned an "Editors pick" label. These remain on the newsroom page until this label is eventually removed.

A feature article

This is an article which usually is more substantial than simply news; takes longer to write and is not really affected by "timeliness" . On all counts it can and should remain for longer on the home page so occasional visitors have a chance of reading them without missing them altogether. We have 4 features shown at any one time. Writers of such articles would get pretty annoyed if their work disappeared in a couple of days!. Creating articles can take a fair amount of time by all involved.

So from day to day only a couple of news items will change and features will change every now and then.

Your help is needed

The news items and features exist for all members of Tarvin Parish to show what has happened or is coming up in their club, society or business. You would be surprised at how many people just like to keep up with what is going on.
You may have an interesting story to tell or information to publicise which could easily be missed unless it appears on the website.

So do send your news to the to get your story published. The webteam are here to help you do just that.