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A concerned Tarvin resident has sent in the following:

"The attached photographs show a number of black and lilac coloured used 'poo' bags which have been deposited by the field gate entrance which accesses Poole Bank on the north side of the churchyard. A dog owner or dog
owners after using the 'poo' bags correctly to pick up their dog's excrement but not depositing it in the designated bins located by the Church yard gates of Church Street. This matter was drawn to my attention by another
member of the 'Z team' during last Wednesday afternoons grass cutting operations .

There are prominent notices within the churchyard reminding dog owners to clear up after their dogs. However, there are a number who cannot be bothered to correctly dispose of their dog's poo in the correct manner.

I am aware that this matter has been included in Church Magazine 'The Vine'. However, the subject needs wider publicity in all areas of Tarvin not just the Churchyard."

Ted Lush, Chairman Tarvin Parish Council comments 'I was surprised and disappointed to see that dog mess having been correctly bagged was then left in such an inappropriate location, our churchyard. I say to inconsiderate dog owners, please put used bags into a bin, there are plenty to choose from in the village centre. Our village is, on the whole, very clean and we need to keep it that way. With this in mind the next community spring clean in Tarvin village will be on Saturday 21st March. If you wish to volunteer, please let me know, and come along to the Community Centre at 09:30 to collect your bags and a picker. '

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