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Donkeys Need Help Too.

15th May 2016 @ 6:06am – by Sue Hardacre
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Donkeys Need Help Too

The Fete Committee has worked very hard to get all the elements to come together for the great day on June 18th.

The Parade is arranged, the stalls booked, the legal and insurance requirements sorted, refreshments organised, Etc. Etc. Etc. Very soon, the programme will be printed and will be sold house to house. At £2 it is the best bargain about.

Surely nothing now needs to be done?

Fete Organiser Jo Richards is delighted with the response from so many organisations and individuals who have stepped up to the mark, Tarvin is truly a special place. But, she has one or two gaps that need filling and is hoping there are still a few willing souls that can help.

There is a shortage of general Stewards whose presence helps ensure that, should problems arise, they are dealt with promptly. After some training, Stewards are equipped with a Hi-Vis Jacket, a radio and instructions to the effect that, in certain circumstances, they can be mildly, occasionally and very politely, officious! But they can still walk about and enjoy the fun.

The Committee has hired a Golf Game that should be great fun but is short of a few people to help staff it. Basically this means taking the money and help organise the queue. Given that the stall will be running for at least four hours, this needs more than one person. A group of 4/6/8 friends could easily manage this between them and still enjoy all the fun of the Fete. Golfers with very large handicaps can also apply.
This is where the Donkeys come in. There will be Donkey Rides available for the little ones which will be supervised by the provider, but there is still a need for a couple of people to take money and organise the waiting time. On this arduous task you may very well get to pat and stroke the cute donkeys. Again a group of friends, or perhaps a family, might be willing to divide up the time between them.
All those willing to help should get in touch with Jo by email to jinks1107@aol.com, tel 01829741474 or mobile 07545255680

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