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Recycling and Green Bin Collection Update

8th March 2022 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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Garden Waste Collection service (Green Bins)
Green bins will start being collected next week, however as most will now be aware, this is a subscription only service. Subscriptions can be shared by neighbours if required, and you can subscribe for as many green bins as you need. Click on this link for information on the green bin collection service and get your sticker to allow your green bin to be collected. Bear in mind this costs £40 per year no matter when you subscribe, so if you are planning to do so, for value for money, its best to subscribe soon.
Green Bin Collection Service
...or to cut to the chase and simply subscribe to the new service click on the 'Subscribe' link
Once you have completed the payment, you will receive your permit(s) in the post with full instructions and information about the service.

It can take up to ten working days to receive your permit, your service will start on the first collection date after your permit has been received and stuck on to your bin. Please see your collection calendar for your next collection date.

Collection Days
The majority of Tarvin residents' collection days follow the same pattern which we have pasted in the image, however to be sure of your household's collection date, you can put your postcode and address in thisCOLLECTION DATE FINDER. You may need to be patient, it takes quite a few seconds to load the dates.

Ed: Of course, you can compost and still take green garden waste to the recycling centres if you prefer. However, I did the maths and to take my green waste to the tip 20 times, it would probably cost over £40 in fuel and wear and tear on my car so as much as I begrudge paying extra for this service when other councils around the north west still cover this with council tax it does seem to cost less to subscribe (just) and with fuel prices skyrocketing, it will be even more cost effective.

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