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Earth Hour 2021: 8:30pm Sat 27 March

24th March 2021 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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What is Earth Hour?

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Earth Hour is one of the largest global environmental movements, bringing attention to the need to protect our planet.

At 8.30 pm on Saturday 27th March, hundreds of millions of people across the world will switch off non-essential lights for one hour to show their solidarity in the commitment to protect our planet.

In 2020, 190 countries and territories took part in Earth Hour, with more than 9.5 million UK citizens taking part.

Since it began in 2007, this big switch-off moment has seen city skylines go entirely dark. This year, the organisers are encouraging individuals, organisations and landmarks to take part at home and online. Many are making pledges about what they can do to make a difference. It might be simply to download the MyFootprint app, eat vegetarian three evenings a week, or consider saving for an electric car. Like every drop of rain makes an ocean, Every action of millions of individuals creates a sea of difference.

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2021 is the start of an important decade for action on climate and nature. In 2021, world leaders are due to make decisions that will impact our future and the future of our planet. If we send a message to those leaders that we really care about the future of our planet, by 2030, nature and wildlife could be recovering; we could have more green jobs, cleaner air, less waste and a healthier future to pass on to the next generation.

We all can play our part in making that happen, individuals, communities and businesses alike. It all begins with a single switch. Will you join the movement?

Check out this link and the list below for some ideas of things you can do before and during #EarthHour2021

Before Earth Hour
1. You could download the MyFootprint App to see your environmental footprint and how to reduce it
2. Social Media: Follow @EarthHour on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Share #EarthHour2021 with friends and relatives on social media. Get people talking about it.
3. If you have Netflix, check out David Attenborough's
4. Plan how you might spend #EarthHour2021: Will you watch a favourite film? play a board game? Share a meal? Maybe go vegan for a night?

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