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Question 3 of questions posed to our Parliamentary Candidates :

"Immigration may not be viewed as one of the issues currently affecting Tarvin, however, small villages may suffer from the effect of large numbers of immigrants moving into rural areas seeking accommodation, jobs, and using already underfunded services. If you are elected in May how would you ensure that immigration does not become an issue for small villages in the Cheshire countryside?"

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Conservative:"The latest Census information shows that immigration into Eddisbury is extremely small. Where there is development around local villages it is vital to ensure that the associated infrastructure is supported with primary school places and supporting GP practices. The small scale housing development is primarily needed to support affordable housing and housing into which the elderly can downsize which has been the main issue people have raised with me in Tarvin and elsewhere.
Benefit changes introduced by David Cameron will prevent EU migrants from claiming housing benefit and tax credits for the first 4 years they are in the UK."

Lib Dem:"Liberal Democrats believe Britain must be open for business and growth but closed to crooks and cheats.
By bringing back proper border checks — so we know who's coming in and leaving the UK — we will identify and deport people who over-stay their visa.

UKIP:"The simple reason is that the coalition has failed to effectively tackle this issue, annual net migration stands at approximately 300 000. The only effective counter to this is to take control of our borders back from the EU and allow the right people in, in the right numbers much like Australia and similar countries do.
. The issue is space not race, certain groups of qualified immigrants should be welcomed to our shores, as should genuine asylum seekers."

Ed:"We have selected these interesting answers from each candidate, all of their answers, in full, are available to download here

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