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Question 2 of questions posed to our Parliamentary Candidates :

"Overall Cheshire West and Chester Council has reduced spending throughout the Borough which has resulted in less being spent in the rural areas, and in Tarvin parish in particular, resulting in less clearance of litter from our highways, poor road maintenance, lack of Cycle Ways, and no weed clearing from our streets and pathways.
If you are elected in May how will your party ensure that, irrespective of a reduction in the Country's budget deficit, that Tarvin has the necessary investment in infrastructure that will provide a much better Streetscene Service which regularly clears litter from our Highways, removes weeds from our streets, and , improves our footpaths and cycleways?"

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Conservatives:"The funding calculation for Councils means that Councils with large rural areas get less money to spend from the National Allocation of funds across the UK, this has been the case for decades for all Councils which have a large rural population. This is inherently unfair to rural areas and I will be fighting for fairer funding for rural councils.
Also, there is an ability to report litter to the local council, but I also welcome community action like the recent litter pick (in Tarvin)."

Lib Dem:"As MP I will work hard to put pressure on the Council to prioritise litter clearance and Highway maintenance. This is an area that is often the first thing that is cut from Council Budgets wrongly in my view as it has a clear economic impact in terms of the attractiveness of the area as well as being harmful to our wildlife and environment.
Also, People in rural areas usually receive less per head than urban areas. The Rural Services Network state that "in 2012/13 Predominantly Rural local authorities received £147.81 in Government formula grant per head or 52% less than their urban counterparts." This needs to be reversed as 20% of our businesses are rural based and reliant on decent broadband to make a living."

UKIP:"The provision of local services needs to be prioritised whilst working to reduce excessive allowances and pay deals for Council executives. None essential jobs and services need to be addressed as a priority. Also, UKIP also has a stated policy of recommencing weekly refuse collections."

Ed:"We have selected these interesting answers from each candidate, all of their answers, in full, are available to download here