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Exciting Evening at the Table Top Quiz

8th October 2017 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Community Centre
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In a closely fought contest at the Table Top Quiz on Friday (October 6th) at the Community Centre the team, Plan Ahead, won with 120 points, but this was only two points clear of not one runner up, or two, but three! Generation Game, Guess Hoo and the Kantankerous Kouncillors all scored 118 points.

Nine teams in all entered the competition to be challenged, flummoxed and/or exhilarated by eight rounds of questions, with the ones on sport and science proving to be deal breakers for some. Also in the mix was a picture round – Tchaikovsky? Karl Marx? Charles Darwin? – and a devilish round of Dingbats. It is one of the wonders of nature that some people have brains that can see Dingbats in an instant while others can flounder for hours! Add in the bar and the raffle and it was a most peasant evening raising funds for the Centre.

Jane Lush and Bryan Evans provided the questions and Alan Wilkinson provided technical support, though it must be admitted that the hoped-for picture and music rounds didn't eventually emerge. Sometimes the challenge is just too great.

The winners, Plan Ahead, were representing the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group which augers well for the future. The Kantankerous Kouncillors won the prize for the daftest name which hopefully only indicates a certain slackness in spelling while The Village Idiots won the booby prize – 'nuf said!

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