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On Monday 5th September over 400 people crowded into the Hall at the Community Centre for an extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council. The Parish Council were seeking to finalise their response to the consultation on the Local Plan Part 2 and, in particular, to the Gypsy/Traveller site consultation.

Despite the emotive nature of the topic, not to mention the heat and the crowding, the meeting was conducted in a most serious and intense manner. After the Parish Council's draft response was read out in the Open Forum, the Chairman opened the floor to comments and he, plus Borough Councillors Deynem and Leather, answered as many questions as they could. Concerns ranged from the effects of dogs on nearby farmland, the location of the site near so many houses, the effect on the church/conservation area and the fear of a possible increase in crime. Perhaps the most heartfelt comment was from Mr Walker, who currently has a life-time tenancy on the land in question and who had not been informed of the proposal by CWaC.

When the public part of the meeting closed the Parish Council considered how to adapt and change their draft. They were conscious that their response should be on planning terms only, as Planners are constrained to look at LAND USE and not LAND USERS. They decided to intensify their comments on the impact on surrounding houses by indicating more precisely the number of properties affected and to strengthen their arguments concerning the proximity of the site to St Andrews Church and the conservation area. The dangers of the surface water drainage channel were extended to include the danger to children and the ecological dangers of waste dumping to the whole ecological system. The statement about the schools was amended to reflect the fact that Tarvin Primary School is not currently at capacity. The Council also agreed to add in their conclusions a strong statement about the strength of feeling expressed in the Parish at the two recent meetings. A full copy of the final response will be available on the Parish Council website, accessible via TarvinOnline, on the Parish notice boards and via the Parish Clerk (01829 741075)

The Parish Council urges everyone to make their views known to CWaC

either by email — spatialplanning@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk

or directly via the website www.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk

Residents can make their comments on any issues but should endeavour to make their arguments reasonable and relevant to the piece of land being considered. They should also be aware that anonymous comments carry less weight.

A very active Action Group has been started by residents who have distributed a number of leaflets throughout Tarvin and anyone who wishes to get involved should contact alan.rowlands2@yahoo.co.uk

The current consultation period on the draft plan finishes on September 23rd so it is important to act quickly. However there will be a further period of consultation when the draft plan is formally approved and, should the site still be current then, more time will be available for comment.

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  • Helen Barker

    I would like to thank everyone who is involved in this objection especially as it is on a volunteer level. You stepped up for this hugh task straight away and have been very professional in the approach.

    The village needs to be steered in the correct direction with concise information and this is being done! Please carry on, we have a fight on our hands that will effect the whole of the village whether you be residents or run a business in the village, all need to be actively objecting.

    There must me no apathy from anyone, get your letters written and send them off either by post or email or perhaps even both!!

  • Rob Ford

    Parish Council response to CWaC document has been uploaded to the Parish Council website (link at bottom of ToL homepage)

  • Rob Ford

    Please see the Tarvin Parish Council website (link at the bottom of the Tarvin Online homepage) for the PC's response to the consultation. Feel free to use this as reference material if you are submitting your own response to Cheshire West & Chester council.