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Family Film Night Friday 21 Oct League of Super-Pets

18th October 2022 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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league of superpets

DC League of Super-Pets

Date:Friday 21st October
Time: 18:00
Cost: £4 Adults / £3 under 12.
Tickets on sale now at the post office or on the door

Krypto the Super-Dog and friends must rescue Superman. Kryptois from the planet Krypton, like his best friend Superman. They are inseparable and. live in Metropolis under the names of Bark and Clark Kent.

Clark takes Krpto to an animal shelter to find him a friend, a Boxer called Ace. Meanwhile, arch enemy Lex Luther is reeling in a meteor, strapped with orange kryptonite, with a tractor beam, hoping to gain superpowers. He is easily defeated as the two are aided by the Justice League. Lulu, a test guniea pig, is sent to the animal shelter and manages to reel in a piece of Kryptonite for herself, giving her the power of flight and telekinesis. Others in the shelter also obtain superpowers. Lulu and a group of guinea pigs manage to capture Superman and the Justice League. the newly gifted animals have to find a way to rescue Superman and the Justice League.

Finally, they form the League of Super-Pets and free the Justice League.

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