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Food for thought

30th March 2020 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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Food for thought

At the moment some of us are very short of money because normal working is impossible.

Conversely some of us are better off because we cannot spend on the things we do in normal time such as get a haircut, go out to eat, go to the gym, attend classes, take holidays etc.

If you are one of the fortunate ones saving money at this time why not think about the following?

Make a note of what you are saving since Monday 23rd of March and onsider donating all or some of it to the charities you already support or to charities we all know are suffering at this particular time, these include Food Bank Charities, Homelessness Charities and hospices

Food banks across the UK are being forced to close or reduce the service they offer as the coronavirus outbreak leads to a decline in volunteers and a shortage in food donations.

Campaigners said people on low-incomes could be pushed further into the grip of poverty and social exclusion due to a decline in the voluntary services.

In the current situation in the country, West Cheshire Foodbank will operate to the best of its ability to provide emergency food to those in crisis. They thank their large donor base, partner organisations and hard-working volunteers for their dedication in keeping their vital work going.

The Foodbank has had to implement changes to normal working arrangements mainly to ensure the safety of all concerned and to keep as much work as possible going on.

Their information, which will be updated regularly, is to help you play your part. The primary source of information is their website

which will be updated as the situation changes.

Other organisations running foodbanks across the country are also being forced to consider closure or reduce the service the offer due to difficulties obtaining adequate food supplies and volunteer shortages.

Closure is the very last resort, but it just depends on how much of an effect this virus can have if by opening the foodbank people are put at risk of getting coronavirus then they won't be opened.

For a myriad of reasons – whether it be self-employed people unable to access work, or lack of provision for school dinners – there is an expectation that the numbers of people needing help will rise, which makes the lack of donations even more concerning.

Foodbanks are already the last resort for an increasing number of people in UK experiencing desperate financial hardship. This latest health crisis is pushing the most at risk and vulnerable further into the grip of poverty

Any help that you can consider over the next few weeks will be very gratefully received.

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