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10th September 2021 @ 6:06am – by Margaret D
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During lockdown when charity shops were closed I had some Edwardian dining chairs to get rid of. I was determined not to take them to the tip. Being old chairs they did not have the safety labelling needed for charities to take them. They were not smart enough for antique shops. So I went onto the computer to see what I could do.

I came across Freegle. This is a national organisation with local groups which are run by volunteers. People give a picture and description of what they want to offer. Others may want something and put in a request for that item.

My chairs went very quickly so I was hooked and started looking around the house and garden for other white elephants. During work on a new garage door the loft over my garage became useless for general storage so everything came down to the garage. No room for a car unless I got rid. There were items I had forgotten we had. So camping chairs and a hanging larder from camping days were quickly taken. A small radiator (like new but never used), a coffee machine that had stopped making enough for two went to a man on his own and stands for plant pots followed.

Of the 22 items offered all bar one have gone to good homes very quickly. The one that failed to be taken was a collection of LED bulbs which I had been sent by mistake and were unusual sizes. They had to go in the bin unfortunately. Books do not appear to get taken easily.

One often notices baby and children’s items. If you consider how little use such items have they must be in very good condition. I parted with a pair of very good shoes which I told myself would become comfortable. After 2/3 times of wearing inside I realised they would not. Hopefully the fit was better for the lady I gave them to.

I know others in Tarvin freegle items as I have seen them listed. No names are given and the way in which you hand over items is left to the people involved. I started this in April of this year and have not needed a trip to the tip since or a visit to a charity shop. Some may say I could have sold them, others that people are collecting to sell on EBay. My feeling is that this is hassle free and if folk need to make money from selling my cast offs so be it. I hate waste and this is a good way of keeping things from landfill and giving pleasure to people who might need something you are parting with.

I also use freecycle or put things on Tarvin Families Facebook site. I like to give away and I like the ethos that if you get something via freegle or freecycle, there is an unwritten understanding that you place it back on there when you no longer need it for someone else who does. I know one lady who furnished a whole house using free cycle!

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