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Gypsy Site

TheTarvin Residents Group are very concerned by the lack of response to our petitions objecting to the proposed Gypsy & Traveller's Site on Tarporley Road. Despite the fact that we distributed 1200 leaflets throughout the village in Dec 2016 — to date only circa 125 have been returned and a total of 710 signatures have been secured (both on-line & in written form).

We are aware that at the beginning of our campaign we did say that individual letters were the preferred way for making our objections known and over 700 residents responded and wrote in to CWaC.

Whilst this level of objection carries considerable weight, we are now intent on raising the profile of our objections at Cabinet level within the Council. In order to achieve this we need a minimum of 1600 signatures on our petition and whilst this may not change the Council's mind it will, at least bring the issue into focus.

Based upon conversations with and comments made by some of our Residents — the TRG are becoming increasingly aware that many people have come to the conclusion that the proposed Gypsy & Traveller's Site is not coming to the village. Consequently they have not responded to our appeal to sign the petition.

It would seem that many believe that the proposal by Gladman Developments to seek approval to build houses on the privately owned land adjoining the CWaC owned site means that the Gypsy site will simply not happen. Indeed many people think that the GATS was simply a "red herring" to get the housing development.

Although we understand why people might take this view, as far as we are aware, THERE IS NOTHING SUBSTANTIVE TO SUPPORT THIS VIEW AND IMPORTANTLY THE TARPORLEY ROAD SITE REMAINS ON THE LIST OF POTENTIAL SITES. The advice we have received indicates that it is by no means certain that the Gladman proposal will be successful and even if it were, the GATs site might still be approved. Careful reading of the fine detail within the WYG report submitted to CWaC reveals that Tarvin is viewed as "having the potential for more than one site", so if one were approved, there could be others in the future.

We are aware that a Task Force — consisting of four Ward Councillors has been appointed to review the proposed sites — they have also been asked to look for any alternative suitable sites.

The work of this Task Force is shrouded in secrecy — no minutes or records of conversations will be kept or published, whilst TRG consider this course of action to be undemocratic it is nevertheless — permitted.

TRG are working hard to prepare a detailed dossier on why Tarvin is not a suitable site, we have identified what we believe to be suitable alternatives, we are now seeking to engage with the Task Force in order to present our case and hope to have the opportunity to do so in the near future.

The Task Force is due to report back to CWaC by July — our petition closes on the 24th April — if we are to use this petition as a meaningful tool for objecting we must raise the required number of signatures by then.

We urge you to demonstrate the same degree of resistance and objection as you have done before and complete your petition form immediately. A petition can be found here for download and the link to the online petition

(Ed: Despite the comments from readers the link above does work to CWAC website but takes a time to get through to the right page so be patient- I think their servers get overloaded!!)

If you require another or a further supply of forms please contact us.


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  • Steve moore

    Short and snappy this is not . Perhaps residents are losing interest because the delivery method is so long winded .

    As a suggestion, make your own village task force and get this petition signed and sent off by actually speaking to the villagers directly , one to one . Rather than posting a huge blog that , in all honestly, only a small proportion of people will read to the end .

  • Richard Chaplin

    I wrote to the planning authority about the proposed Travellers' Site some time ago. I agree with you that ignoring the proposal is dangerous. I would be very happy to sign a petition form but there is no download on the ToL site.

  • Vicky Dowd

    I can't access the link but would absolutely sign the petition. Can you repost the link? We submitted comments online to the council too

  • Rich Marks

    Heres the link :

    I agree, the intent is clear in the message, but having the link midway through the 11th paragraph is likely to not be easily spotted ! (Also the link itself doesn't work .. so need to cut & past the URL.

    Also as you need to sign in with an email .. only one petition per household, unless you have more than one email address.

    This maybe why we are missing signatures. The petition should be in peoples faces and easy.. any suggestions ?


  • Philippa Latham

    Take petitions to the people rather than hoping they will go online. The information online is very long winded. I think people respond better if asked personally to sign & are able to discuss it if wished. People out and about with petitions in the village & petitions in shops would be more accessible to all.

  • Vicky Dowd

    I have signed the petition now (thanks for the link Rich M) I have also actively encouraged my friends and family to sign it too. I suggest knocking on villagers doors and asking for signatures and using other means to reach out such as social media to get the message across. The consequences of this could be terrible and we all need to be as active as possible in acquiring as many signatures as possible.