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27th April 2021 @ 6:06am – by Keith Barker
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No expensive seed required,

dandelions in a field

No grafting onto sturdy stock,
No digging deep involved at all,
No drill trench needed nor sifted soil,
No forking over, no watering in,
No expensive fertilizer,
No pruning at the season’s end.

dandelion kb

Acid soil – no problem,
Shaded spot – no worries,
Dry spell, downpours – fine;
Yet in its time when all around
May be dull and brown,
This faithful warrior, this gem,
With no loving tender care,
Completely ignored, scorned,
Unappreciated, unloved, despised,
Maltreated, discarded,
Will bring colour to the garden,
Will brighten the roadsides,
The country lanes, the woodland walks
With its golden splendour.

Yes, the meek and humble

K.E.B. Jan. 2021

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