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As many of you may know, I have been involved in many aspects of voluntary work in Tarvin for quite a while. I was on the Parish Council for some years and am now the Booking Secretary for the Community Centre. I am in my early 70's, so the work that I do fills quite a bit of my time and makes me feel a useful member of society. Many of the individuals that do so much for Tarvin are the same.

But now I am and, others like me, are becoming redundant. For our own good and for the good of the community we are being asked to stand back and stay away. It just doesn't feel right. Voluntary work is what so many of us oldies do. Of course, we can use a phone and talk, or Skype or Facetime other people who might need help (we are not THAT old) but it's not the same as face to face contact.

The other thing we do is complain that there is nobody else who is willing to step forward. Who will fill our shoes when we can't do things, we cry!

Well the answer seems to be, younger people. In this terrible and unique situation, with work patterns and school patterns disrupted, a new group of individuals are stepping forward. Temporarily freed from work and some family duties, they are proving to be just as willing and eager to step into the breach. The well of Community spirit runs deep.

Of course, when all this is over, people will have to go back to work and normal life will resume. But I suspect that the habit of helping will have become better established in Tarvin, and this can only be for the better.

So if anyone fancies being Booking Secretary after all this is over.....!

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