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Going Up in the World!

27th August 2021 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin community Centre
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This afternoon (August 25th) a number of Community Centre Committee members had another go at assembling the new mobile staging that has replaced the old, heavy wooden pieces that have been available to date. They created a two-tier system as requested by Ashton Hayes Theatre Club for their forthcoming production of Madame Bovary at the beginning of September.

Vice Chair Sue Hardacre said “This time we approached the task in a more logical manner and with better written instructions. Creating the two levels was quite easy though we found attaching the stop plates, that prevent chair legs going too far back, something of a challenge. However, we struggled for some time to attach the handrails, so essential to stop chairs, and the audience, falling backwards. When we discovered there were 3 types of handrails not just 2, things literally slotted into place. It really is a very logical system.”

Ashton Hayes wish to raise their audience up on two levels so that everyone will have a great view. This may use no more than half the equipment available so there is scope for larger layouts to be constructed in the future. With the new stage and lighting, this should make the Community Centre one of the best equipped spaces for drama in the area. Sue said “As we use this more and more, we will get better and quicker at putting it up and taking it down. We intend to use it for all our forthcoming productions so that everyone can have the best possible audience experience. Perhaps we are not quite Storyhouse, but we intend to give everyone that comes a great time and excellent value for money.”

Madame Bovary runs from September 5th until September 9th and tickets are available from www.ahtc.org.uk

Old Herbaceous will be on September 17th and tickets are available from Tarvin Post Office or from www.ticketsource.co.uk/cheshireruraltoustingarts

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