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For once I am not talking about golf but the end result of yesterday's stroll around the lanes and through the woodland walk of our village. Having just returned from a couple of weeks away the urge to get the walking boots on and dog leads attached was irresistible. How the plants and flowers had changed in that short time.


. Carpets of bluebells amongst the trees. Clumps of cowslips dotted about


. Beautifully crafted signs with just the right amount of information to help identify the various species


. Trees just about to burst into their summer leaves


And then this!. The sign says it all!


Very restrained comment I thought. How lazy can some people be to use this lovely walk as a dumping ground for some waste. I doubt if the perpetrator would read this but someone out there will know who it is and should get the message across.
Our Woodland Trust team of volunteers do such a great job and it must be infuriating for them to have to clean up after thoughtless members of our community.

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Tarvin village
  • Fi Miles

    Shame on anyone who treats our lovely woodland this way.

    I realise the pile is being left for the time being as a reminder to whomever decided it was ok to do this.

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