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TCC Grass Cutting
TCC Grass Cutting (1)

On Saturday morning (June 1st) Cheshire West and Chester Council finally arrived at the Community Centre to cut the grass surrounding the building. This was the first time this year the grass had been cut and in places it stood more than knee high.

As owner of the whole building, CW&C are responsible for the upkeep of both the building and the grounds and the Community Centre Committee have to pay a proportion of those costs based on the floor area they occupy (just over 50%) In previous years the grounds have been tended on a regular basis but it seems that the contract was not renewed for 2019. The Committee had been pressing hard for some weeks for action to be taken.

Vice-Chair Sue Hardacre said "With the Village Fete coming up on June 15th, we were anxious that visitors would not have to walk through tall, potentially wet grass, to access the refreshments at the Centre. We were also aware that, however attractive the buttercups were and however soothing the sight of gently waving grass was, the area, and by association, the Centre, was beginning to look unkempt and uncared for."

A number of people had suggested that the grass remain uncut for the wild-life potential. Some members of the Committee had some sympathy with this view but they appreciated that the decision was ultimately that of the Council. What they are not sure of is if the whole maintenance contract has been renewed, or if the situation will be repeated later in the summer. One thing is certain, the grass will continue to grow.

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