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Hands Off The Bonus!

28th November 2015 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Parish Council
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The Parish Council has been dismayed to learn that Cheshire West and Chester Council is considering holding back the 20% of the New Homes Bonus that it currently pays directly to Parish Councils.
This is a government grant paid when housing development takes place within an area and has so far been shared between the local authority area and the parish. It was created to encourage the building of new houses and is paid over six years as new houses become occupied.

Under the pressure of declining income and with the prospect of having to make even greater savings, CW&C are considering keeping all the grant, to spend on borough wide needs rather than local needs.

The Parish Council has agreed to object in the strongest possible terms. Tarvin has accepted new housing development but has had little in the way of new infrastructure investment. The money from the New Homes Bonus, while not large, was expected to grow overtime and to be used for a number of local initiatives.

To date New Homes Bonus received amounts to £9,223.00 and the next payment to be received during the next few days will be £20,132.00

The defibrillator at the Community Centre was purchasing using this money and some of the money has been earmarked to pay for part of the improvements to the proposed traffic management system in Oscroft. The Council is also looking at improvements to the car park and the space lighting provision at the King George V Playing Field. Such extra income would allow the Parish Council to extend financial support to community organisations who provide so much support to the social cohesion of the Parish.

The Parish Council is aware of the financial difficulties experienced by CW&C but believes that the ability to receive and spend small sums of money at a local level strengthens local democracy and meets the needs of a wider range of ratepayers. It is hoped that the plan which has been suggested start in April 2016, be reconsidered.

The Parish Council would also encourage residents to let their Borough Councillors know of their views on this subject, Cllr Deynem or Cllr Leather, or to go to the website and follow the link for Consultations – Let's Talk here

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