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Hedgehogs Hibernating in awaiting Bonfires

30th October 2022 @ 6:06am – by Grace Daly-Shone
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I thought this might be a useful link to share on Tarvin Online and your social media platforms as it is useful in making the public aware of protecting wildlife when lighting bonfires this autumn and for the coming bonfire night celebrations.

I have seen many large piles of firewood in and around Tarvin waiting to be lit on bonfire night that might not be checked for hedgehogs and other wildlife. I think there are some useful tips on the poster about lifting up or relocating the fire before lighting it so as not to harm or endanger wildlife, especially hedgehogs, who, at this time of year, are going into hibernation and sadly, a large number get killed in bonfires.

Hedgehogs don't check their calendar before settling down to hibernate, so please check and move your bonfire before starting it on the 5th.


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