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Hiring Charge Increase

29th March 2019 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Community Centre
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From Monday April 1st new fees for the hire of the Community Centre will come into force and will apply to all hirings after that date. The rise is in line with the Consumer Price Index and will be approximately 2% on all fees.

Chair Alan Wilkinson explained "We have followed a policy of increasing the fees in small, regular increments rather than hold them steady over time and then need to make a substantial change. Such increases reflect the costs that the Community Centre must pay to function smoothly, and we hope that they are not too difficult for our customers to absorb."

The Community Centre has a scale of fees that differ for village organisation, outside organisations that provide activities that local people may benefit from, and commercial organisations. There is also a strict relationship between the rates for the different rooms and it is this that gives rise to the very precise hourly costs. Alan says "We have sometimes looked at the fees and wondered if we should 'round' them up or down, but we have never had anyone refuse to book because of the odd pennies on the fees" The Committee also add a premium for week-end use, as Committee members must give their time to open and close the Centre.

The Community Centre continues to plough back the income they generate into improvements to the building while ensuring that they have enough to hand to pay the cost of the heating, lighting, water and caretaking costs to Cheshire West and Chester Council. These latter charges come to approximately £25,000 per annum.

Booking fees, together with the calendar, are available for the public to see on the website at www.tarvincommunitycentre.org

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