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Knit & Natter returns to Tarvin Methodist Church

29th August 2021 @ 6:06am – by Charles Bradley
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After SUCH a long time, the craftspeople of the Thursday afternoon group that meets in Chapel have returned to their time of companionship, friendly chatter and craft work of all descriptions. It took a while to be certain that the group could be held in a safe and CoViD-compliant way but we have satisfied all the requirements and we are now up and running!

Some members have spent a lot of their time during lockdown by knitting, having produced blankets for the neo-natal baby unit at the CoCH, a mountain of knitted squares ready to be sewn together to make blankets and, in the case of Barbara Lenton (who appears in the top photo), a host of small animals and tiny characters which will all be on parade on the Chapel's craft table at our November Craft Fair.

This summer saw the sad death of one of our stalwart knitters, Winnie Vernon. Winnie could knit the most delicate of garments in the finest of threads and was not phased at all by the most complicated of patterns. She was a real character amongst the group and we will miss her. However, her husband, Graham, kindly decided that Winnie's stach of knitting wools and needles should be her legacy to her friends at the Knit & Natter Group and so four very large sacks of knitting wools of all types, styles and colours arrived and have been in storage at Tarvin Methodist Church for several weeks. In order to make space, they had to be sorted out and, inevitably, many of the once-used balls of wool have become ravelled up together. Thus, the first job was to sort them out and quite a few enjoyable "person-hours" of time have been passed in turning a heap of mixed wools into a fine set of usable wool balls. My suggestion for a title for the lower photograph was "The rabble with the ravel" but, for some unaccountable reason, the ladies disapproved of it – and of me for suggesting such a thing! Perhaps "Sorting Winnie's legacy" might have been a better suggestion.

Knit and Natter is a group of folk who meet at Tarvin Methodist Church to do craft work and enjoy companionship every Thursday afternoon, between 1.30pm and 3.30pm. There is no charge – although a small donation towards the cost of heating and lighting and the hot drinks is appreciated. No prior expertise is required – a number of people have learned new skills while a part of this friendly group!

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