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Latest on the Pile of Old Rubbish

13th May 2018 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Webteam
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The article we published yesterday, 12th May, on the uncollected rubbish on at the top of the playing field, resulted in comments on our Facebook page that we believe our website readers should be aware of. The comments were as follows:-

Emma Blain Such a shame because the event was extremely well run and enjoyed by a lot of our community. I saw plenty of people with black bin bags on the day tidying up the rubbish and I know the people who ran the event will be very upset at being let down in this way. I'm glad this article lets us know where the blame lies (CC) and I am not surprised!

Gaynor Heath We are mortified that this happened "on our watch" and understand that the parish Council clerk has spoken with CW&C every day about the issue and even has footage of the council workers emptying the green bin and ignoring the other rubbish that was stacked beside it.

Paul and I will not see our community environment spoiled in this way and so we have been down this morning and removed all of the rubbish. We are sorry that we weren't aware of the issue until the article on Tarvin online!

Tarvin Parish Council , Gaynor, a big thank you to you and Paul for doing what Cheshire West and Chester Council should have done last Sunday.
Yes, it is correct that the Parish Council have been in touch with CWaC every day since then apart from Bank Holiday Monday.
Friday morning was farcical with a vehicle with two CWaC employees in it arriving and emptying the bins but leaving all the bags around the bin by the car park. Before they left a second and smaller vehicle arrived with one CW&C employee in it. The three of them had a chat before the first vehicle left. The employee in the second vehicle had come to the field to see whether the complaints that had been made by the Parish Council were justified and if so to decide what action to take. He decided that the complaints were justified and so he placed an order for a large vehicle to come and collect the rubbish. That was about 10.00am Friday morning and the rubbish was still there at 11.00am today.

Ed: The CCTV was installed on the playing field to protect against vandalism but has proved useful in an unexpected way!

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