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The Neighbourhood Plan has been passed by the independent examiner (with some modifications) and has now been agreed by the Chester West and Chester cabinet member.

It will now go to a public referendum on 5 September 2019. Its hoped that the next edition of the Parish Ccouncil newsletter, Tarvin Times, will be largely devoted to the Plan. The Parish Council wants as high a turnout as possible for the referendum.

The Finance Working Party, together with two members of the Steering Group, will meet to to explore the best way for Council to progress four of the proposals included in the Plan. These are:

* a safe cycle route between Tarvin village and Oscroft
* extending the Community Woodland to the A54
* a public footpath on the south side of the A54, eastwards as far as the existing footpath at The Cottage
* a public car park on the Garden Field, Church Street

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