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A Light too Bright?

28th March 2015 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Parish Council
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The Parish Council has completed some adjustments to the lighting column immediately outside the Tennis Court entrance on the Playing Field following a complaint from a nearby resident. However the exercise does illustrate how difficult it can be to get the balance of competing needs just right.

The light is intended to provide adequate illumination for all crossing the Playing Field and to give a feeling of safety both to pedestrians and local householders. The lamp was recently replaced with one of a higher wattage and it was this that shone very brightly into the rear bedrooms of a house on Field Close. The lantern has now been angled to shine down the field towards the Community Centre and though there is a bit more light on the back windows of Crossfields, the Council hopes that this is not too intrusive.

The decision has been taken to restrict the hours the light remains lit. It was agreed that it should go out at 11.30pm – about the time the last bus from Chester arrives in the village – and come on again for a couple of hours from 4.30am to light the path for one or two early morning dog walkers. It is also hoped that the lack of a light will discourage some young people from congregating there noisily in the early morning hours.

It was also reported that the new light position left one or two exceptionally dark areas around the Scout Hut and suggested that a small, wall-mounted light should be affixed to the wall of the building to deal with this localised black-spot. However it was suggested that the next Parish Council look at a whole new lighting plan for the field that would do away with the need for a tall lamp post altogether.

With the light nights on their way, any concerns and problems will become less obvious in the next few months. However the Parish Council would like to hear your views.

Getting a solution that works equally as well for everyone is not always possible but the Parish Council does its best to achieve the right balance.
Contact the Clerk on 01829 741075 or email him at miketarvinparish@aol.com with your thoughts

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