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Little Angels: The New Shop on the Block

27th August 2022 @ 6:06am – by Carolyn Vieira, Little Angels Interiors
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I opened my little shop, Little Angels Interiors, at 52 High Street on 16 July and have been warmly welcomed by the residents.

My shop was primarily going to be a children's gift and decor shop but after listening and talking with local people I discovered they also wanted somewhere to buy gifts and cards for grown ups.

I now stock gifts for adults and have been incorporating locally made items into the shop.

I have the following:-

Cards made in Tarporley & soon by a Tarvin lady
Candles made in Oscroft will be stocked soon
Bunting made in Tarvin
Canvas Bags made in Tattenhall
Necklaces made in Kelsall
Plant Pots made in Kelsall.

Little Angels developed from a rather unusual origin; a traumatic event, but I'm a firm believer that even from bad there comes good. We had a house fire last September which we were lucky to survive. The Fire Brigade said that if we hadn't have been woken up by our neighbours banging on our door as they returned from holiday at 1.30 am, that 5 minutes later the gas pipe would have exploded and it would have been a completely different ending for us. The pipe was so badly bent from the fire which started outside that it was ready to explode.

I don't think I've ever quite come to terms with what happened; the sheer terror of not being able to open the front door; not finding our dog initially and my husband going back in to find him, all left me with PTSD. As we dealt with the insurance claim and practically project managed our house renovation, as the builders were terrible, I found myself veering off to look at children's gifts & decor, as a pleasant means of escape, when I was supposed to be l looking for household items.

I then decided I would buy some stock and start selling at the local markets which I did to lift my spirits. When I saw the advert for the shop I felt it was meant for me and I decided to just "do it".

Everything we experience teaches us a lesson and the fire made me realise even more how fragile life is; what a gift it is and to live in the moment and not wait to do things next year, as that's never promised. So far I have no regrets and am loving what I do and I've thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking with so many kind, good-hearted folk. I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Tarvin for welcoming me.

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