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Tarvin Community Centre is offering residents a most unusual and innovative theatrical event through Cheshire Rural Touring Arts, if you can't go to the theatre then the theatre can come to you.

Settle down in the comfort of your own home and listen in to this unique live audio theatre experience, using live music and immersive sounds effects, all performed over your phone.

This is the most intimate of performances, you will be on the phone directly with the actor who will be performing, live, just for you. The play will be available over 5 nights and with only 6 time slots per day. You are invited to be one of only 30 possible audience members, a truly unique opportunity.

"You Don't know me Duck. You don't know me. But I reckon we've met before." Meet
Vick. Care giver, Mother, Partner and Daughter.

You've almost certainly walked past her in the street, stood behind her in a queue or driven
past her in your car. Today, take the time to delve a little deeper. Experience a day in her
life. Hear her thoughts and feelings as a busy day at work slowly uncovers a deeply buried
memory of care.

Inspired by real memories and interviews from a care home, this innovative piece tells the
hidden stories of care across generations to celebrate the dedication and spirit of workers
and residents in care homes across the UK.

Written and performed by winning theatre maker Sophia Hatfield and directed by Olivier
Award Winning Theatre and BBC Radio Director Gwenda Hughes.

"Fantastic — very moving and very intimate. There is something about the closeness of your
performance that makes it very easy to slip into the world of the play." Audience Member
July 2020

Please select your date and time slot via the CRTA website ticket link here

The show lasts 20 minutes. Tickets £6+ booking fee.

FRIDAY 23rd OCTOBER, SATURDAY 24th OCTOBER at 3pm, 3.30pm, 4pm, 6pm,
6.30pm, 7pm

There is a post show live zoom with writer and performer Sophia Hatfield on Saturday 24th
October at 8pm. If you would like to join please share your email when you book. 1 to 1 performance suitable for all ages.

Ed: Click on picture of poster to see the full version.

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