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Gladman plan

The land developers Gladman who are looking to gain planning permission for a residential development to the east of Tarporley Road have provided the Parish Council with the results of the public consultation meeting that was held in the Methodist Church on 11th May and these were examined at the Council meeting on 27th June.

Gladman had been very pleased with the number of people who had attended and the variety and precision of many of their questions. Though there were residents who questioned the need for the development, discussions were largely constructive and detailed. A number of written responses were completed at the meeting and these were given to the Parish Council.

Concerns were raised about both the future provision of health and school facilities and Gladman will be talking to both the local doctors and the Primary school about the effect that increased numbers might have on service provision. Similarly it is Gladman's responsibility to discuss the effects of the proposed development on the provision of such services as sewerage, transport, highways, water and other utilities. All these were concerns raised by the public.

Comments were received that questioned the need for more houses in the village and those who felt that new housing might be welcome asked serious questions about the provision of truly affordable housing for local people. Concerns were also raised about the importance of a high standard of design and construction and the importance of maintaining the open space between Tarvin and Oscroft.

In response to the Parish Council's stated need, the proposed development contains a 40 space car park. Given the distance from the village centre, Gladman asked the Parish Council to consider the use that the car park would get and if the location and size were acceptable. There was also discussion about the sports provision and its future management. That the area was also seen as a location of a skate park also caused much discussion. Funding for such a provision exists from the Taylor Wimpy development, but is currently on hold because of the difficulty in finding a suitable site. Gladman asked the Parish Council to discuss what kind of provision for skate boards and BMX bikes might be suitable in such a village location.

The Parish Council will be responding to all the issues raised and the Councils comments will be published.

The Council would also like to remind everyone that, at the present time, no planning application for the site has been received.

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