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On Wednesday April 22nd the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group met for the second time
Those who attended were;
Councillor Ted Lush — who has been elected Chair
Councillor Sue Hardacre; Alison Kempski; Roy Brereton; Richard Chaplin
Apologies were received from Merryn Shaw and Robin Tunney.

For this meeting the group had assembled a number of documents that can be used to support the process including the Local Plan, Parish Plan, Neighbourhood Plan regulations among others. They also had access to a number of other plans including the draft Plan from Malpas which will be voted on by their community on May 7th.
The production of a Neighbourhood Plan in Tarvin poses certain challenges. The Steering group know that 'time is of the essence'. An option on a large area of farmland east of Tarporley Road has been placed with a Land Developer who specialise in obtaining residential planning contents, "obsessed with winning consents" to quote their website. While development here is not opposed by the Parish Council, the type, scope, housing mix and the creation of community assets is of vital concern to the long-term well-being of the village. A Neighbourhood Plan that reflected these wishes would have legal weight when the local authority are finally presented with a more detailed planning proposal.

A Neighbourhood Plan is a statutory document, it is not a statement of aspiration. It's production is controlled by an Act of Parliament which lays down what must be included and outlines how the process should proceed. It must contain evidence to back up the findings and it must demonstrate clearly that the community have been consulted and that their wishes have been taken into account. To prove this, the plan is not only subject to a formal inspection by a Planning Inspector it must be put to a local referendum when over 50% of electors must take part. This takes time, the very thing that Tarvin is short of.
One thing that could help in this dilemma is PEOPLE. While a Steering Group may be small it should be a focus for a larger group who will also undertake some of the work. As a number of Plans are in existence Tarvin will not be starting from scratch, so some of this work may not be as intensive as those communities who got going early.
If the work can be shared between more people, bringing together the experience of existing groups in Tarvin, the task will be much easier and will better represent the views and needs of the community.






The Steering Group therefore asks these three questions:

1.Do you believe that being involved in the future planning of the village is important?
2.Do you have expertise or experience which could contribute to the development of the plan?
3. Do you believe that communities have the right to shape their own future?
If you can answer "YES" to any/either of these please get in touch with Ted Lush on 01829 74468 or by email to