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Neighbourhood Plan

18th March 2015 @ 6:06am – by Ted Lush
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A recent article in Tarvinonline told you that it has been agreed, following a public meeting, to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for Tarvin. This will be a genuine opportunity for YOU to have a say in how the area where we all live should develop in the next 15 years.

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The easiest thing to do is not to get involved, after all, with a Neighbourhood Plan there has to be a public vote on the proposals, so why not just wait for the vote and then tick "yes" or "no".........it will probably be "no" if the Plan is drawn up by a Steering Group who are not actually representative of the whole community.

I have already tried to get some younger members of our community involved so that the Steering Group can go to them to find out want younger people feel. In getting them to agree I had to explain what the plan would consider e.g. future housing , business, recreation development, where it should go and what should be provided.
The first comment I was given was "we need a swimming pool" and I confess my immediate response was "well you won't get that"! This immediate response was hardly guaranteed to get these willing volunteers committed to helping was it? However, after a period of reflection I recognised that if all the young in our community made the same response the Neighbourhood Plan would have to address the issue.

When I gave my response I was thinking that a swimming pool would be provided by the local authority but, of course, that does not have to be the solution. We know the private sector also provides swimming pools in a leisure/health club setting. So maybe our Neighbourhood Plan will indeed have an aspiration to have a pool provided by the private sector, who knows.

As well as young, school aged children, the Steering Group also needs volunteers in the age range 25 to 45. If you are interested please contact me.

Ted Lush, 01829 741468 or lushfamily2@tiscali.co.uk
Chairman of the Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group member

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