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Neighbours in Need – Tarvin Methodist Chapel

26th March 2021 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Environment Group
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Tarvin Methodist Chapel has been closed throughout the pandemic, and for the entire year, has been unable to host all the fantastic community events they are so well known for. This means that they are severely short of funds. They cannot meet the shortfall and are threatened with potential closure. Good neighbours care for each other: Now is the time to show our support for this treasured neighbour at the centre of our community.

If you would like to offer your support, donation details can be found at the end of this article.

I have always been fortunate enough to be blessed with great neighbours: welcoming people we can trust; a friendly source of help when needed; people I can count on; people who care. They are friendly without being nosey or interfering and for whom I will always offer to help if they need it, go shopping or make a casserole when they are struggling. Whether you are secular or religious, the second commandment: "Love your neighbour as you love yourself" has to be one of the most vital rules for us all to live by. If we all love our neighbours as we hope to be loved, the world will be a better place.

But what is love and who is my neighbour? Love is not just a name for a feeling. Love is a verb. It is something we "do", whether that is listening to our neighbour's happiness or sorrow, cutting a hedge, compromising over a boundary issue, sharing a cuppa, (or something a bit stronger), keeping a spare key, feeding the cat, watering the plants, or indeed, taking them a casserole or something so they don't have to cook one evening.

Tarvin residents have a most wonderful neighbour in Tarvin Methodist Church (TMC). Jesus said we should be good Samaritans and love our neighbour. They truly walk the talk. When Tarvin Environment Group (TEG) needed a venue to showcase environmental matters, the chapel offered us space to have a display and presentation. We held 6 coffee mornings enabling TEG to connect with more people than we thought possible. Added to this, the chapel even allowed us to keep all the proceeds from the raffle! Every year, they do this for many organisations and charities; enabling them to raise awareness of important issues or raise money for their cause.

"Tarvin Methodist Church has supported many "start-ups", always offering support and use of the church for meetings and events at a remarkably low cost. Now is the time to show our support." A Tarvin Christmas Festival spokesperson said: "The Christmas Market is hugely indebted to Tarvin Methodist Church. Members of the Church started the Christmas Market at a time when the village needed to remember it was a community. The 2008 Banking crisis and its fallout had an awful effect on many businesses and people in the Tarvin area and the Christmas Market started something really cheering while helping many artisans and businesses at such a difficult time. As we all know, it has gone on to be one of the highlights of the village calendar."

TMC host many other events throughout the year: The Tarvin Woodland Trust coffee morning and plant sale to raise funds for the woodlands, the Macmillan Coffee morning, a service of remembering for bereaved people, Pancake day with Barbara, and Afternoon tea with Jacqui to name a few. TMC also host more regular events for the community. A weekly 'Knit and natter' and 'Splash' toddler group; fortnightly soup lunches, 'Messy Church' once a month and an annual craft fair. These events usually generate funds that are used to pay for the chapel's outgoings, including heating, water, photocopier rental, maintenance and insurance. During the pandemic, TMC has been unable to run any of these community events, effectively having to close their building for around a year. This has meant a funding shortfall of around £6000. There are no central national funding mechanisms in the Methodist Church, so, if the Chapel is unable to pay its way, Tarvin Methodist Church's future would be uncertain.

We are all so lucky to have such a kind and generous neighbour in TMC. Now they are in need, it seems to me that it's time to take them a financial "Casserole". If you would like to offer a token of your appreciation or support, you can either contact the treasurer or make a bank transfer using the bank details below.

Account Name: Tarvin Methodist Church
Sort Code: 55-61-31
Account No.: 70522502

TMC is able to claim Gift Aid amounting to 25% on top of your donation if you are a taxpayer. Please email your name, address and donation amount if you would like the chapel to apply for gift aid on your donation. Tarvinmethodist@aol.com

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