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The Parish Council has agreed the budget for the year 2016/2017 and is delighted to announce that there will be no increase in the Parish Precept.

This is the amount added to the Council Tax bill of each householder that pays for certain local service and activities. It is only a small proportion of the total Council Tax bill, but as CW&C is expected to increase the tax by 4%, the Parish Council is playing a modest role in keeping that increase as small as possible for residents of Tarvin Parish. The Precept will raise £41,950.00 during the financial year

The Parish Council is also in receipt of just over £23,000 from the New Homes Bonus. This is a Government grant paid to local authorities who take new residential development and has been split 80%/20% between the borough and the parish. Regrettably CW&C is seeking to change their policy with the intention of keeping all the grant to fund other services on a borough-wide basis. Should this happen these payments to our parish will cease.

There are some changes within the budget. More money will be spent on communications including hopefully a brighter and more readable website and Tarvin Times. Money has been allocated to cover the cost of some minor services/repairs which perhaps should be done by CW&C but which have become almost invisible at a parish level.

The following projects were approved for further consideration:
From the Special Projects budget

  • Provision of a barrier on the A51 where Hockenhull Lane crosses it;
  • Provision of a permanent parish footpath display in the village centre and printed maps;
  • Installation of an outdoor table tennis table on the Playing Field

From the New Homes Bonus budget

  • Installation of flashing solar panel-powered speed warning signs on Shay Lane, Willington Road and Cross Lanes in Oscroft and on Tarporley Road in Tarvin;
  • Improvements to Duckers Well to improve its appearance and make it easier to maintain;
  • Provision of raised flower beds on the east side of Tarporley Road and south side of the upper High Street with "welcome to Tarvin" signage High Street with "Welcome to Tarvin" signage;
  • Clearing the pathway from the bottom of the Hockenhull Hatchery track along Platts Lane to the Roman bridges plus commissioning and installing interpretation panels at the bridges.
  • Support where necessary for village institutions through grants

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