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Not one, but Two Bug Hotels in Tarvin Woodlands

17th October 2021 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Beavers
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beavers bug hotel in tarvin woodlandsbeavers with their bug hotel

Well, 1st Tarvin Beavers have been very busy building new, state of the art hotels for some very lucky woodland bugs.

The old hotel, situated near the bird hide was in a very sorry state of repair. It was due to be renovated in the spring of 2020, by the Cubs. However, the pandemic meant that we were unable to meet in groups and the project was put on hold. After several months of meeting over 'Zoom' the Beavers were very excited to get back to meeting outdoors again and decided to get going with the restoration.

The old hotel was carefully deconstructed, salvaging as many materials as possible to reuse in the new accommodation. Indeed, many of the hotel guests were relocated to the new lodgings. The remains of the old hotel was teeming with life including spiders, woodlice, snails, worms, centipedes, millipedes and frogs. This shows that they do work in providing shelter to several different species! The decaying bits of wood from the old pallets have been left to continue their decomposition in the woodland. There was plenty of fungus doing its job too.

On Monday 20th September the Beavers set to work, constructing new hotels. The main structure was built using pallets kindly donated by Okells garden centre, . The Beavers had brought materials from their home gardens to furnish the hotel. They brought wood, bricks, straw, sticks, carpet, wool and broken flower pots. They had so much fun deciding on the layout and imagining the creatures finding this wonderful hotel and moving in. The roof of the hotels has been covered with carpet and pond liner to keep some of the rain out.

We hope that visitors to the woodland will take a look at these fine bug hotels. People are welcome to add more materials to the structures to make it as cosy as possible.

Ed: Love those bug hotels. I bet the residents will too!

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