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Notes of the Tarvin Parish Council Meeting held on 22 March 2021

7th April 2021 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Parish Council
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These notes are produced to give residents a timely update of the main issues discussed at the meeting, which was conducted remotely using Zoom software. They are not the official minutes

1. Many of you will have seen that the traffic islands on the A51 at the top of Tarporley Road are covered in weeds, mud and rubbish. The Parish Council (PC) has asked Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWaC) Highways to clear the islands and verges

2. The children’s play area on the King George Playing Field will be power washed on 30 March

3. The PC agreed to give the Tarvin Fete Committee a £300 grant. The Fete is planned to take place on Saturday 3 July – a date for your diaries

4. The PC reviewed its reserves, both those which are earmarked for specific purposes and its general unearmarked reserves. It agreed to set aside some of the general unearmarked reserves to pay for a new Clerk to work alongside the current Clerk when he decides to retire. His retirement is not expected soon but the PC did decide some time ago to operate this parallel working and so money needs to be set aside for it. The PC also decided to use £3,000 from general reserves to support special projects in 2021/22 (see below). The PC noted that earmarked reserves include a fund for play equipment on the King George Playing Field (£9,274) and New Homes Bonus money of £17,500. The total sum available for special projects in 2021/22 is therefore £23,500, made up of £17,500 New Homes Bonus, £3,000 already included in the 2021/22 budget and £3,000 from reserves. Currently the PC is only committed to one project (see item 5. below)

5. The PC’s committed special project for 2021/22 is to formalise the gap in the Ridgeway hedge to make it safe to use in all weathers. This project had been planned for 2020/21 but was delayed due to the pandemic. CWaC has given permission in principle for the project and Parish Councillor Peter Ryan will be talking to CWaC Highways staff to take it forward as soon as possible. Note: the alternative special project carried out in 2020/21 was to refit all of the PC’s 22 street lights with LED lights

6. As well as the £23,500 as set out in item 4. above, the PC is likely to receive some Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) money in 2021/22. CIL is paid by developers when they complete a development. Because the PC has a Neighbourhood Plan it gets 25% of all CIL payments. Taking this into account the PC could have a considerable sum available for special projects, but only one committed scheme. The PC therefore considered a long list of suggested projects. After much discussion it agreed that three schemes will be looked at in more detail, with a report back to the PC in July. The three schemes are:

a cycle/walking track around the edge of the King George Playing Field

repairing the most damaged pavements in Tarvin

increasing the money given as grants to support local groups and facilities (currently £3,000)

7. The PC is anxious to ensure that Tarvin gets its fair share of the (admittedly very limited) money available to CWaC. It therefore hopes that residents will report any problems they come across to CWaC. In the coming weeks the PC will suggest ways that residents can most easily do this

8. By law the Parish has to hold an Annual Meeting before 1 June. This year the Annual Meeting will take place immediately before the April Parish Council meeting, at 7.00 pm on 26 April. This will be a virtual meeting via Zoom.

9. The PC agreed to contribute to the costs of a replacement gate between Hockenhull Lane and the A51. The new gate will be smaller and easier to open and close

10. A resident of The Sheaf, Stapleford had suggested that a defibrillator be sited in the area because of the number of walkers and cyclists using the route, as well as residents. The problem is that a defibrillator requires a source of electricity, which has yet to be identified. The cost of a defibrillator is around £1,100. The PC will consider this again later in the year when discussing its budget for 2022/23

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