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Table Quiz 2 Oct 15
Table Quiz Oct 2015 The Organiser - Bryan Evans
Table Quiz Oct 2015 (2)

What is it about raking through you brain for long lost facts that is so enjoyable? Why are we attracted to the prospect of exposing our mental brilliance — or mental meltdown — in front of our friends and acquaintances?

Whatever the answer to this enduring human question, there is no doubt that nothing goes down better than a good quiz and a good quiz is exactly what was on offer at the Community Centre on Friday evening (Oct. 2nd)

There were thirteen tables of approximately 6 people taking part and, with a prize for the most original name. There were some splendid monikers. 'Desperate Housewives' 'No Hopers' and 'Jinks' were just three: the winner being declared as 'The Let Downs' though with 'Bl...y Useless' coming a close second!

The questions had been set by Bryan Evans and delivered with great aplomb by Jane Lush, whose decision was, of course, final. They covered a variety of subjects and all were felt to be fair except maybe one. Bryan has been challenged to explain how anyone would know that XH558 was the registration number on the last Vulcan bomber!

There were prizes of course. The winning team received 6 bottles of wine very kindly provided by the Tarvin Co-op and the main raffle prize was a £20 token for the new restaurant, Cornichon at the Gunnery. Their willingness to participate in the community before they had hardly opened their doors was much appreciated.

The winning team was Generation Game formed by the multi-generation and multi-talented Thorp family. The depth of their general knowledge is amazing, as many teams who have met them in their previous guise of Miscellany in the Village Quiz, will testify.

The Village Quiz, to be held on Jan 15th and Jan 22nd 2016, is still an important part of village life and it will not be long before the invitations to participate will be sent out. The format is different, with teams of four competing in a league and it does involve a climb onto the stage to meet head to head- nowhere near as bad as it sounds. You do NOT have to be part of an organisation to take part, just four people with a common cause and a desire to get their name on the trophy.

However, recognising that some people prefer the 'Table Top' format another general quiz will be arranged in the spring. Hopefully it will match the £400 raised for the Community Centre on Friday evening.

....and Bryan has promised no more questions about aircraft registration numbers!

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