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On and Off at the Community Centre

29th November 2021 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Community Centre
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The Community Centre has decided that there will be two performances of Mavis Sparkle at the Community Centre on Saturday Dec 4th, despite only modest advanced ticket sales. There will be performances at 2.00pm and 4.00pm giving families time to get ready to go to the Christmas Market.

However, the Committee has decided to cancel the children's film on Friday Dec 17th.

Vice Chair Sue Hardacre explains " We realised that this children's play might not have the immediate attraction of a panto but we hoped that a piece of professional theatre would attract plenty of families. While the 4.00pm performance has a good audience, the 2.00pm one has proved somewhat less popular. We did briefly consider having just one show but decided that contacting ticket holders would be hard. If you would like to come then tickets, which are only £6, are in the Post Office or on-line at www.ticketsource.co.uk/tarvincommunitycentre . Please feel free to come along and get tickets on the door for either performance. You will be very welcome"

The performance will last about 45 minutes and adults will be encouraged to wear masks.

The Committee were also aware that many families were being more cautious about mixing as the holiday season gets nearer. After the disappointment of Christmas 2020, everyone wants to be able to see their families this year. Talking to parents, Committee members got a distinct impression that fewer children would likely to be coming to the film, so have decided to cancel. Films will resume in the New Year, Friday January 28th, as usual – assuming there are no unwelcome changes from the new Covid variant.

Sue said "We are disappointed, but would much rather look forward to better things in the new Year. While we may be holding our breath and crossing our fingers at the moment, we hope that 2022 and the arrival of spring will see a return to confidence and normality"

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