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The opening of many commercial premises after lockdown saw queues form everywhere as people started to return to a more normal way of life. However, when the Community Centre opened on Monday July 6th there was no rush at all.

Vice Chair Sue Hardacre said "We were hopeful that there could be a resumption of some activities, albeit under strict hygiene rules, but new guidance has been received that makes the resumption of many activities impossible. All exercise classes, however gentle, are on a prohibited list as are any dance classes. Some groups have decided to pause activities for the summer at least while others are still receiving instructions from their Headquarters before deciding. For some, the impossibility of cleaning the space or their equipment between classes presents logistical challenges that can't easily be overcome."

To date, only tutorials for an individual pupil are on the calendar. Mitigation measures are being put in place though yet again, guidance changes weekly. A week ago electric hand driers were not recommended, so the Committee purchased paper towel dispensers, but now electric ones have been deemed safe again! Disappointingly, a planned visit from Cheshire Libraries to risk assess the Community Centre facilities was postponed and to date, only major libraries are open.

Thanks to the wonderful support that the Community Centre has received in recent years the Committee is confident that it has sufficient resources to see it through these difficult times. However, a return to a steady income stream is very necessary to ensure that the Centre is run well and future improvements can be funded. Regular Centre users are urged to contact the Booking Secretary as soon as possible to let her know their hopes and plans unless they have done so recently. There may be opportunities to alter times and rooms to meets the new circumstances, but clarity will be needed as the weeks go by so that as many activities can be accommodated.

The Committee would like to invite anyone who would like to make use of the facilities to contact them and every effort will be made to accommodate users, regular or new, within the guidelines. These may be events to bring people together who cannot use the centre for their normal activity but would like to meet up in person. It could be a commercial company looking to bring workers together for support who may have been working remotely.
Sue says "We are a community resource and are happy to accommodate any reasonable and allowable activity to help individuals, groups and organisations ride out these difficult times.

Please do call me on 01829 741962/07946 958831 or contact me at"