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An article on November 14th mentioned that one of the planned improvements for the Community Centre was the replacement of the worn carpet and entrance mat in the Foyer.

TCC Old Foyer Carpet 75412039_2695397593854499_7640702753219543040_n
TCC Old Foyer Carpet 76702409_2695397657187826_2951602985823633408_n
TCC Old Foyer Carpet 76612148_2695397840521141_8538686045791715328_o
TCC New Foyer Carpet 77201260_2695397587187833_3090436309018214400_n
TCC New Foyer Carpet 76254468_2695399320520993_1941305482417274880_n
TCC New Foyer Carpet 75550407_2695397600521165_8687379424191971328_n

This work was done on Friday and the photographs above all to clearly demonstrate the poor state of the old carpet and the improvement that has been achieved with the new carpet and entrance mat.