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Please Take Your Seats For.....

28th August 2019 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Community Centre
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The Community Centre Committee has just purchased 40 new chairs in a rolling programme of renewal. The chairs are intended to replace the 40 old blue velvet chairs that were kept in the shed and brought out occasionally for large audiences.

Vice-chair Sue Hardacre said "The blue chairs, while serviceable, were extremely heavy. The grey chairs are in constant use and some have got stained and the edges of many are frayed. At £48+ a chair, replacing them all at once would be a very great expense, so we decided to take out 40 of the most affected grey chairs and store them as spares and try and sell the blue ones. Gradual replacement of the other chairs will take place at regular intervals in the future."

While the same supplier could be used for the replacements, the shade of grey tweed had changed. The Committee decided to go for a completely different colour, so the new chairs have a deep burgundy cover. They will be used primarily in the Edna Rose Room and stored separately in the Edna Rose Room Store.

The Committee looks regularly at ways to improve the Centre, to maintain it in good order and to ensure that it can provide a standard of service that customers should expect. While some things, e.g. grounds maintenance, are the responsibility of CW&C, many interior improvements fall to the Committee. Having to pay an annual £26,000+ bill to the Council to cover heating, lighting and caretaking does concentrate the financial mind of the Treasurer, but the funds generated by the community's use of the building must be reinvested for the benefit of all.

The next Committee meeting is on September 3rd at 7.30 pm. If you would like to help develop this great community asset at the heart of village life, do come along and join the Committee. New ideas and new perspectives are vital for the continued success of the centre.

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