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Progress on the proposed Gypsy and Traveller Site.

5th December 2016 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Parish Council
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On November 21st CW&C Local Plan Working Party met to discuss aspects of their draft Local Plan – Part 2. The inclusion of a number of sites as possible Gypsy sites was a dominant feature of the meeting with a many local representatives speaking against many of the proposed sites. Tarvin was represented by a number of individuals who spoke out strongly against the inclusion of the land on Tarporley Road in the list. Borough Councillor Leather's objections were read out in his absence.

Over 2,000 comments on the different Gypsy Site proposals had been received and there were objections to the consultants work voiced by Borough Councillors. One comment was that "it was the poorest piece of work ever submitted to the Council"'. In the face of such strong opposition the Working Group agreed to set up a smaller Task Force to visit all the disputed sites so that they were aware of the full context of the local objections. The Parish Council expressed a desire that they should be involved in any such a visit so that the consultation could be truly 'local'.

Despite this the Planners present at the meeting expressed a wish to maintain the time table for progressing the Local Plan process through to adoption – see below.

Nov 2016 Local Plan Working Group Initial report back to Members of the level and nature of consultation comments received and outline of next steps

Early 2017 Local Plan Working Group Consider detailed report of consultation responses received on traveller sites

April/ May 2017 Local Plan Working Group Consider draft Publication plan and recommend to Cabinet that the draft plan is approved for public consultation

June 2017 Cabinet / Council Approve draft Publication plan for public consultation (6 weeks).

Late 2017 Local Plan Working Group Consideration of responses and recommend to Cabinet draft Submission plan is approved for submission

Council Approval of draft plan for submission

Late 2017/ early 2018 Examination in public by independent Inspector

Inspector's report.

2018 Council Decision whether to adopt the Plan with the modifications proposed by the Inspector.

Given the strength of local objections from many areas to the gypsy sites this may not prove possible, but the timetable does indicate that there may be some time to go before a definitive answer is available for the Tarvin and other villages.

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