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Paragraph 2.2.1 of the Plan states that the 2011 census population for Tarvin parish was 2,728. Given the boundary adjustments referred to above, does the 2011 Census still reflect the approximate current population of the Parish (excluding the Saxon Heath and Millside Close developments)?

The Steering Team response

The following link takes you to a document which takes the 2011 census data and reassigns it to the 2015 parish boundaries:

The document gives a figure for Tarvin parish of 2,914, so higher than the figure in the Plan. However, the 2,914 is for the parish as a whole which is a larger area than is covered by the Plan as explained in the answer to Question 1- published previously. In addition, the data comes from combining a number of small Output Areas, but for Tarvin these do not exactly match the parish boundary. The link above will help to clarify this.
Our analysis of the Council Tax register suggested that there were at the time of doing the work approximately 1,350 dwellings in the whole Tarvin parish area, and approximately 1,050 of these were within the Tarvin settlement boundary. Given that Oscroft is the next largest settlement, this provides the evidence that the Tarvin Plan area contains most of the population of Tarvin parish.

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