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The Inspector has from his initial reading of the Tarvin Neighbourhood Plan and the supporting evidence, the following questions and requests for the Qualifying Body and Cheshire West and Chester Council in relation to the Plan.

1. Paragraph 2.1.2 of the Plan comments on the area of the Plan and changes to the parish boundary just as the Steering Group began its work. I note that the Group decided that the Plan should cover all the new parish area, apart from those areas already included within other Neighbourhood Plans on which work had begun before the boundary changes. (I see from the minutes of the first meeting of the Steering Group that Bruen Stapleford was excluded because it is part of the Huxley Neighbourhood Plan area.) Therefore, is it correct to state that the Plan extends over the whole of the Tarvin Parish and that it is the only neighbourhood plan for the Parish? If not, please could an explanation be provided together with an annotated accompanying map.

The Steering Team response is :
Paragraph 2.1.2 says that the area covered by the Tarvin Neighbourhood Plan is the whole of the current Tarvin parish area apart from areas which are covered by Plans that were in production when Tarvin decided it would attempt a Plan. The attached map shows the Tarvin Neighbourhood Plan area and the Tarvin Parish Council area. The areas outside the Tarvin Plan area but included in other Neighbourhood Plans are (i) Common Farm, Oscroft, which is included in the Kelsall Plan; and (ii) Bruen Stapleford, which is included in the Gowy South Plan. The Tarvin Plan does not claim to cover the whole Tarvin parish area but it does say that the Tarvin Plan area covers most of the physical area of Tarvin parish, most of the housing, most of the population and all of the community amenities

Ed: We will cover several of these questions over the next few days

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