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Recycling Pet Food Pouches Now possible!

30th December 2021 @ 6:06am – by Tarvin Environment Group
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pet food pouches

One thing that puts me off buying pet food in those disposable pouches is that until recently, they were not recyclable. Now it is actually possible. Some may have heard of Terracycle, a company which has set up crisp packet recycling bins and offers schools and businesses a place to drop off formerly non-recyclable packets and offers a donation to the School or a nominated charity. The company makes new plastic products such as garden furniture out of the plastic crisp packets and the aluminium can be separated and reused.

Now, Pets at home, the pet store which was founded in Chester in 1991, accepts all brands of pet food pouches in a recycling station in the store. The pouches are collected and sent to a UK recycling centre which processes flexible plastic. The pouches go through a process which heats the plastic, turning it back into an oil and separates the aluminium which will be turned back into new products.

From a recycling point of view, cans or aluminium foil trays are still better for recycling, but these are harder to find these days. So, thank goodness, Pets at home are taking the responsible action of accepting the pouches back in store and getting them recycled. This is a trial at the present time, but If successful could be a great way to prevent these pouches from going to Landfill.

Ed: Thanks Pets at home for this responsible move in the right direction. Now lets see more tins!

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