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My Family Tree

I am the daughter of Roy Woodcock who died in Rochdale in 2012. My father did not tell me anything about his family but following his death I have undertaken some preliminary ancestry searches and I believe the family may have "originated " in Tarvin.

His father was John Woodcock born 1898

Johns father was Robert born 1868 (brother of Frederick who died in 1914)

Roberts father was John b 1837

Johns father was Joseph b 1795

and his father was Ralph b 1771??

I wonder whether there is anybody who has undertaken similar searches who may be able to confirm (or otherwise) my data and if possible provident any background information/pictures?

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Tarvin village
  • Jo Richards

    Dear Judy, You belong to a large local family and there are a number of members of the Woodcock family still living in Tarvin and Tarporley. I have done some research on your great uncle Frederick which I'd be happy to pass on to you if you would like to contact me. Judy supplied with Jo's email address.

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